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July 20, 2012


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Oh my, so much work!! But result is fabulous and worth taking all that time!


Betsy, You are a creative genius! Beautiful, just beautiful!! My favorites are the first and the last- love the flower circles! And thanks for giving me validation for being a paper hoarder- even though I will never be able to convince my husband that I don't need to enroll in a 12 step program! Have a great day!

Linda in Aus

Betsy this is amazing, I will look at my patterned paper in a different light now.

Stacy Simpson

I am speechless - you have out done yourself. Thanks for the amazing inspiration.


Love this Betsy, thanks for the inspiration!!!


My Olympics score card says "10." Each pattern was brilliantly executed and, as always, the cards you made are fabulous. You have me inspired. TFS!

Suzanne Russell

You are officially the Queen of creating patterned paper! These ideas are not only beautiful but so fun. I love playing around with such ideas but rarely follow through with an actual project-thanks for the double inspiration!

June K.

Absolutely gorgeous "patterned paper" you've made there. You earned four gold medals.

Jennifer Harris

Genius! You never fail to impress! Love each of your "DIY" patterns... So great! :)

Diane Oliver

Gorgeousness! I really like YOURS best too! All of them. What a great tip. TFS hugs

Debbie B

Wow! What a great job. I never really thought about making my own patterned paper. Amazing!


These are wonderful projects, Wonderful inspiration!


Simply amazing! Your recreations are spot on!

Kathy H

Amazing! I do love your takes on each of the patterned papers. I do like to make my own paper too but probably don't and won't go to the lengths you do! Thanks for the great ideas, Betsy, your cards are very beautiful:)


I'm floored - this is just fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your genius :)


What an awesome idea! I never would have thought of trying that and they turned out so super cute!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Shannon Wyman

FAN.TAS.TIC. What amazing inspiration you've provided us!! Thank-you!

Pat J

Betsy you are amazing! Such great ideas you share with all of us...and I soo love your color choices!! I know what I'm going to do this afternoon! Thanks!!!!!


Amazing!! Love your style!! Like you, I hoard(scratch that) adore beautiful patterned papers!!



These look awesome Betsy! You are so creative with your stamps and ink pads.

Cindy Major

Very impressive! Love all the beautiful papers you created and the wonderful cards as well! TFS!

Julia Aston

What wonderful papers you created! love the bright summery colors!

Nancy Lempinen

Great ideas and beautiful papers. I too have used the backside of a stamp set, but I did it by mistake and tossed it, who knew I could use it. Thanks for the tips.

kimber mcgray

you are simply amazing betsy!

Renee VanEpps

Absolutely amazing!!! Love your thought process and the resulting DIY pp's!!!!!!!!!!


I never understood why stampers don't make their backgrounds more often. We have all the materials and it is great for the creative juices! Thanks for your inspiring post - I hope more crafters take this approach.

Lynn Darda

Fun post! Love the stamping flowers in the circle idea!

Kim Marie Leach


Luanne Ford

How fun is this???? Love how you created your wonderful papers, and the finished cards are awesome! Thanks Betsy!


You, my dear, are ingenuity defined.

Holly Saveur

YOU are soooooooooooooo clever and such a great inspiring artist...!!
LOVE it so much will for sure make some papers my self!

Leigh Ann Baird

I think you should seriously considering designing pattern paper! I like your designs better than the orginals!

Carol Ann Ater

You are too amazing, Betsy! Absolutely brilliant and so clever. T say I admire your creativity is insufficient. Wowser!!


Seriously, I love everything you do and this is just awesome!!!


So inspiring, Betsy! Thank you for sharing. Meeting you and the other talented PTI ladies at SAF last year was such a fun experience. I just adore your artwork!

Michelle Le breton

Absolutely beautiful. I have tried this in the past, but did not get as wonderful results as you.

Rebecca Deeprose

This is an amazing, fabulous post!!! I love each of your examples and you've explained them so clearly~ Thanks for letting me follow your design process!! Wonderful ideas Betsy!

Carolyne Aarsen

Love this!! I'm also addicted to patterned paper but thanks so much for showing me how to make my own!

Linda L in TN

Thanks for opening another creative door in my brain because I would have never thought of this...and I love this. What a gift you have and to share it with us leaves me in awe of your creativity. Any very thankful; thanks!

Nina Yang

Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! I've got to try to create some of my favorite paper patterns!

Karen Rose

Hi Betsy. Thanks so much for the details of how you did this. I'm definitely going to try this! Great cards too!


Oh my gosh! How fun is this! I can't wait to look in my stash for patterns to duplicate! I love making the most from my stamps and you definitely have shown me the versatility and usefulness of them! I also forget you can use the back of stamps to get solid images. Must remember that too. You are brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration!

Tracey C.

WOWIE WOW WOW! LOVE these!!! :) You never cease to amaze. Just beautiful - thanks for sharing!!


Oh WOW,you are simply amazing, the stamped papers are beautiful and the finished cards are lovely. I will think twice now when I look at my stash, my new motto:what would Betsy do? :-) thank you so much for sharing your talent and gift with all of us.

Lynne Phelps

Love this! I HOARD, yes hoard my patterned paper because if I use it I won't have it anymore. But if I can STAMP it, I can never run out! Now I can look at my stash as an inspiration collection, LOL!


I have made my own designer paper and it's so satisfying to use the stamps you own instead of going to the store, trying to find some paper to match what you're working on and leaving empty handed...(or with more paper and you still don't have what you went for!) Great job!

Lisa T

Wow, these are so cool! Thanks for some great DIY inspiration.

Kelly Griglione

What a fantastic post, Betsy! I love your blog and usually don't comment, but this totally got me out of my seat! Love all the patterned papers, especially the banner one. Also love how you have multiple examples!


Are you kidding me?!? This is unbelievable Betsy!! You are a genius!! Wow! Way to inspire us..fabulous..I'm speechless!!

alexandra s.m.

Fantastic work!
Thank you so much for sharing!

Becky Green

I'm WITH YOU Betsy, on creating your own Patterned paper! I DOES take ALOT of work!!! You did a FABULOUS JOB on your paper! :) I LOVE ALL of the cards you made with your paper too! :) THANKS FOR SHOWING US!!!!!!!!!! :)

Jan in Tucson

Can I just say that in my humble opinion, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Love this idea and now I'm off to the Kraft room to get inky! Rubber hugs for today!

Danielle Flanders

HELLO! You are awesome, Betsy!!! These are beautiful! Thank you for always inspiring and sharing your talent!


Absolutely fabulous! Very motivating! Imagine me using some of my precious patterned paper! Yippee!


You are super creative! Love the ideas you shared today...for I too, am a paper hoarder.

Melissa Ladd

Holy cow, Betsy!! These are amazing! You are so creative in your use of stamps. I'm totally going to try the flowers in circles (and I'm thrilled that I already have all those sets) and I LOVE your doily paper (but I'm crying that I don't have that set). You are amazing!

Christine Ousley

This may have been the most inspiring blog post that I have ever read in my life as a scrapper!! My God girl, where do you come up with this stuff? You are so talented and creative and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your amazing ideas with us!!
xoxo, Christine


I love seeing your creative process; thanks for the inspiration!

Kathy Mc

WOW, Betsy, you a definitely our hero and stamping guru! You always come up with awesome techniques and gorgeous cards. This is no exception!

Sherry in MI

Fabulous cards! You are such a talent!
Thanks for all the inspiration. :-)


So impressed and blown away! I too am a paper hoarder, and love the idea of replicating my favorite patterns. That last one you shared, the flower circle pattern, is amazing.


Oh my, they are all so amazing!! You win first prize for being the most innovative DIY~er . I honestly think there's nothing you can't figure out how to create. Thank you for sharing.

Lynda Marquez

Beautiful papers...and gorgeous cards created from them! Thank you for such an inspirational post!

Sherry 107

WOW!!! Beautiful!!! AWESOME!!!

Jessie McLaughlin

This is one of my favorite things to do!! I love using my stamps to make my own paper!! I love seeing what others do it inspires me to use other stamp sets I have in different ways! Great post Betsy!


Omg seriously? You are the best. Thanks for sharing.

Helen LeBrett

Really great idea Betsy!! You sure showed us that background papers are easier to stamp than we thought!! Thanks!!


Betsy, great ideas and who knew you could do so much with pattered paper. Thanks so much.

Susan S.

Great job - love all the results! You are quite the talent...


You are amazing and your projects are beautiful!


Amazing! Jaw dropping! Inspiring! Thanks so much for going there... it totally jump starts creativity! Wowzers!!!!!!

Mendi Yoshikawa

I hate to repeat the exact word that everyone else is using, but it just fits... These are all AMAZING! The way you duplicated that last pattern (a favorite paper of mine actually) with the circles and flowers is so cool! :)

Jill Norwood

Betsy - I somehow missed this post during all the stamp-a-faire loveliness! Your cards are, as always, incredible! I just love the way you recreated the papers. I still can't believe all of the work that everyone put in to the event this past weekend! It truly was a wonderful world-wide event! Thanks for all you did and do! :)
Jill / Seattle, Wa.

maria f.

Absolutely love that last card you created. I like your PP better than the original!

Betty Anderson

Your cards are jaw dropping! Especially the ones on this post! I'm yelling!


SO beautiful and inspiring!!! LOVE your ideas and your work!

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