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July 23, 2012


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Jessie McLaughlin

Betsy, Thank you for all you did for Stamp-a-Fair it was awesome!! You ladies did an great job and I really enjoyed myself!! Hope your week is not to busy!!

kirsty vittetoe

I can't wait to see you working with your new paper and tape! : )

Linda in Aus

Betsy thank you, SAF was awesome and I'm so glad it was online so we could participate. So many videos and tutorials I'm still going thru them all. We had so much fun down under I'm still excited after three days.
I too love the new MME paper packs and debating whether to wait unil they make their way down here or just get them from Two Peas. Knowing me I will probably go and order them tonight.
Thanks again for all the time and effort you put into making SAF a truly memorable event.

Karen L

Thanks for the heads up at Two Peas, Betay. I placed an order for MME stuff. Loved your projects for Stamp A Faire. Your designs never stop to amaze me!

 Becky Green

YES! THANK YOU Betsy!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did an AWSOME JOB on your posts!!!!!!!!!!! I kept checking back because I didn't want to miss anything! :) LOVE ALL your goodies!!!!!!!! ENJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY THEM!!!!!!!! You deserve it! :)


I didn't get to play along with SAF this year (booked a camping trip for the weekend!), but I sure hope to next year! I can see I missed out on a lot of fun :)

I've been creating holiday stuff all year to get ready for a craft sale - but yet I am still *super* excited for the new lines!!

Mendi Yoshikawa

I'm still trying to catch up and watch the SAF videos, but I did get to enjoy your one on the ribbon flowers. :) I love that new All is Bright pad too. Somehow I missed it in all of my surfing--I was hoping I would like the 12x12 too, but I think I prefer the 6x6 pad more (after looking at the back sides of the bid papers it still seems to have more of the red prints I love).

Christine Dearinger

Betsy.......thank you from Tasmania,Australia!!!
You are awesome as my grandchildren would say.
Love your projects and must admit I stop by to see what you have created most days.
The work that went into the weekends festivities was very much appreciated by me and all who took part in the event.I will read properly next year and try to take part and not juts look in and see its and online affaire!!!What a great idea in this world thasts getting smaller every day.You ladies who design for Papertrey Ink are really the jewels in their crown.

Queen Mary

Beautiful Betsy! I didn't participate this year in Stamp-a-Faire -- I know I had a good reason when I made the decision, but for the life of me, come the event I couldn't remember it! So, I'll probably take my time with the challenges - I don't have a blog so the badges aren't as important to me -- although I did LOVE them! And I thought they were perfect ideas for the challenges!

Sheri E.

Thank-you Betsy for all your hard work and creativity for Stamp-A-Faire. I really wanted to try your "burned" :) flowers but didn't have the right kind of ribbon. What? All that ribbon? I almost kept up with the challenges but pooped out at the end. I'm looking forward to going back and trying out so many of the different ideas.

Helen F.

A HUGE thank you to YOU, Betsy! All of your hard work with the videos and projects from SAF were fabulous!
I didn't have much time for crafting last weekend, but hope to join in the fun next year. :)

Leigh Penner

Thank you, Betsy, for all the fabulous work you did for SAF-- it was a blast! Thanks, too for the comment you left on my blog-- so sweet of you!
I've been eyeing some of the new MME paper and am wondering if getting the 6x6 might give me the most bang for my buck. I love the ones you chose, as well as your projects you make using patterned paper!

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