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June 14, 2012


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Amy Papale

Love the way you made up your cards! I was finding inspiration from them!! The old sewing machine drawer is perfect, I have a couple stored away that I use for wrapped up silverware when we have get-togethers. I can pull one of those out and put it to good use! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

Chrissy L

I love it! And the drawer is fabulous too!

Becky Green

To be SO ORGANIZED!!!!!!!!:) I have found one area that NEEDS ORGANIZING is My Sentiment stamps! I have taken a file box & done subjects... & then as I get my stamps with sentiments, I file them! Sometimes, under more than one subject! So when I'm looking for a sentiment for a card I know where to look! Thanks Betsy for showing us! :)I TRY to be organized, it just doesn't work so well some times! LOL :)


Betsy--I love your idea about scraps/further inspiration organization--so many ideas/so little time, and this will be great to harness that creativity for later!


Oh, goodness, Betsy, Just yesterday, I "found" two old sewing machine drawers when I cleaned up my storeroom and took them to my craft room. I knew I would find some way to use them. They are way too cool to not have them in use and out where I can see them regularly. The file system will be perfect. You are a genius! Love PTI products!


So many ideas so little time. Maybe this will help me get organized better.

Julie S

Love the thought of being so organized.

Stacy Simpson

As usual Betsy, I am now sold after seeing your project!

Mary Davis

This is such a great concept for stamping. Love your ideas.

janet wilson

Lovely, just lovely :)

Helen F.

Thanks, Betsy. Love your ideas for getting organized...Great storage box too :)

Lori A

I love the way you've stored your cards - so unique and beautiful!!! I had to come see you first :D

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