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May 17, 2012


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Beautiful cards & I love the look of those tapes :)

Kelly B

Fun fun fun! Just getting a few washi tapes, too and would love some more! Your cards are adorable!

leslie (crookedstamper)

Beautiful cards! And yes, I've become addicted to Washi tape. Thanks for the chance to add more to my collection!

Angela H.

I'm so loving that card with the neon/aqua combo -- and I do love Freckled Fawn -- just got my first order from them the other day. Yay for tape!


Love your cards. I truly admire your style. :) I have not tried the tape but it looks fun.

Barbara T

Hi Betsey
Your cards are great. I can see how the washi tape adds that little something. Havent tried it myself as yet but hope to (Hint Hint)
Thanks for sharing


Thanks for the tip! I have purchased FL stamps in stores but didn't know they offered so many different products. Thanks for the chance to win!

Carole W.

Great cards!

Linda E

Beautiful cards! Love the washi tape!

Diane Anthony

Love the fun look of your cards and would love the incentive to go shopping! Thanks for the chance!

Shawn Wenrich

Thanks for sharing some tape techniques, I need to start trying this out!

Yvette E

I would love some washi tape just when I think I don't need that you show me why I do...HE HE!!!Thanks for all you share and a chance to win some tape.....


Love your combo of washi and doily! Beautiful!


Love your cards they are always amazing.


Love washi tape!!!

Renee VanEpps

Beautiful cards! Love the washi tape too :) Really pretty pink doiley, think I'll go chalk up one of my white ones and see if I can get it colored :)


These are so pretty... the cards and the tapes. Love the white card with the touch of colors! So neat. Thanks for the give-away.


how do i love washi tapes?? let me count the ways...

Jennifer Scull

oh I love the samples you have made with these fun washi tapes. I have about a dozen different ones so far in my collection, but haven't done much with them yet. you have most certainly inspired me with these wonderful cards! :)

Jessica Monte

i have never got any washi tape yet but I am excited to play with some.

Cathy P

Oh, I'm definitely in love with washi tape. I love your cards using the tape.

Kathy Martin

Oh SWEET! A girl can't have too many washi tape choices, right? ;) Thanks for the chance, Betsy! :)


I have yet to try any washi tape, but see so many cute projects using it... like your card. Would love to try some. Love your site. Please keep up the great inspiration!

Cindy Otto

I would love to win some washi tape! It looks like so much fun. Love your samples.

Karen L

Washi tape is so fun an deasy to use. I will go look at Freckeled Fawn's website. As always, your cards are so creative, Betsy! Thanks for sharing!

Tracey C.

LOVE how colorful the first card is, even though the main theme is white! Awesome :) I too, have not yet jumped on the washi tape bandwagon...but with every project I see, I'm closer to the edge! lol :)


Like you, I'm just discovering Washi tape, and I think it is so fun. Love those doilies...I'm off to check out Freckled Fawn. One could accuse you of being an enabler! LOL


Soooo beautiful cards and so cool uses of washi tapes. Tks for the great inspiration and the opportunity to win!


I love the washi tape look, and have had trouble with when/how to use it. Thanks for the tips!!


I really need to jump on that bandwagon. Maybe winning will give me the kick-start I need. Thanks for not keeping this all for yourself.

Emily Hyvl

Your cards are amazing! I am slowly falling in love with Washi tape!

Margie Visnick

I just got a delivery from Freckled Fawn earlier this week! Love washi tape!

Michelle Liimatainen

So fun! I am late to jump on this bandwagon too. I still only own one roll. I would love to own more though and I LOVE what you did with it. Thanks for the link to Freckled Fawn. It's going in my favorites! :)

Jennifer K

I'm behind the trend. I see Washi tape everywhere but I don't have any. :( Would love to win a $10 GC. Thanks for the chance.


I haven't used washi tape...I haven't seen any in our local craft stores. Ordering on line gets expensive with the cost of shipping. I will go to Freckeled Fawn and check it out there. Thanks for the tip. Delightful cards.

vicki dutcher

This tape is so fun! Love the way you used it. That red and black tape looks fabulous!


Beautiful , love the mix of washi tape and doily!

Patricia Davis

Love those cards. Inspired me to do more layers on my own cards! thanks. Don't have any of that tape yet but sure would love to win some to give it a try. Thank you for the chance.

Pam H

I am always so inspired by your card designs and color combos. You are a real artist.

Katie B

I would love to get more washi tape, thanks for the chance to win. And thanks for the inspiration your cards are lovely.

Chris Cross

I love your work! Thanks for the giveaway!


Love the Washi Tape..I have used it a few times, but would love more! Love your cards Betsy--great layered looks..

Christina MacLaren

I haven't jumped on the washi tape train yet, but this would be a great way to give it a try! Thanks for the info on the shop and the chance to win. I love the beautiful lace doilies and bright colors you used on your cards!


...loVing your work's always bright, cheery and full of colour & inspiring...I've heard lots about Washi Tape but not tried yet, it looks incredibly versatile...Mel :)

Tami M.

Super cute cards Betsy! I love washi tape and haven't heard of Freckled Fawn, oh my do they have some fun stuff! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Laurie Hunt

I love wash tape and have some, but have not really used it for anything yet. I am not sure why. Thanks for the opportunity!

Miriam Prantner

Love the pink doily and also how you used the point on the square one. And yes, I am on the washi bandwagon, heaven help me and my wallet!


Oh how fun! Love the washi tapes. Your cards are terrific too. I always get inspiration from your blog. Thanks for sharing.


Having never used washi tape before , I am intrigued by its versatality...beautiful cards!


wow, I love your cards! so many layers- they combine so beautifully!



Gorgeous as always! Love the incorporation of the tape and ribbon!


Those are lovely! Thanks for sharing and inspiring. :)


Beautiful cards and beautiful supplies!

Debbie S

Love your cards Betsy! I just received my first order of Washi tape from Freckled Fawn. Prompt delivery and the tape is so cute. I would be thrilled to add more to my collection. Thanks for the give-away!

Carolyn R.

I have been looking at the Freckeled Fawn's site for a while. I haven't quite taken the plunge yet with the washi tapes but love that there are so many to choose from. I have such a hard time knowing how to use them but I just love the ideas of how you used them on your cards! Thanks, as always, for your creativity and the inspiration it brings me. :)


Beautiful cards! I need this gc. I am a washi tape addict and can always use more!!

Charlene R

I have to admit I haven't started using Washi tape yet but I intend too! After your beautiful examples, I am inspired! Thanks, Betsy!


your cards are amazing as always. i love washi tape, it adds a little extra color/design with out overpowering the basic card.

Becky Green

Your cards are ALWAYS LOVELY Betsy!!!!!!!! I LOVE ALL the elements you've added!!!!! :)

OH MY DEER!!!!!!!!! :) WHAT sweet products!!! LOOK at ALL of it!!!!!! ALL the different designs...AND a little deer in most every picture!!!!!!!!SOMEBODY is CREATIVE!!!!!!!! :) Would LOVE TO win some of this!!!!!!! I've NEVER tried Washi tape! Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Jayne K

I'm seeing washi tape everywhere. I guess I need to get on board. They're so much fun.

Sheryl B.

Love your cards, Betsy! I'll have to admit, I've not jumped on the washi tape bandwagon.....yet. I do have a couple rolls, just haven't used them!


Love the giveaway!


I really love all the designs washi tape offers. Thanks for the inspiration and great giveaway!

Andrea Garland

I love all the products of freckled fawn. I recently made my order but I will love that gift certificate to add the balloons and clouds washi tape.

Barbara Axmacher

I've just jumped on the washi bandwagon. There are so many cute patterns out there. I've got a few rolls now and am itching to make some cards!

Maria Chica

I love both cards, but the dollie on the second one is just adorable!! I would also love to win so washi tape, as like yourself, I am very slow to join the trend and don't own any yet!


fabulous cards Betsy -- I would love to win!

Trinka King

Oh this Washi tape! I am in deep trouble now. Love your beautiful card!

janet aka swanlady21

I only own 1 roll! Those washi tapes look so colourful and fun. Off to go look at Freckled Fawn.


LOVE washi tape! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

Joyce Mehrberg

What a fun post--such beautiful eye candy. I would love a chance to win the gift certificate.


I also love the suede trim at Freckled Fawn, but hands down it's an awesome place to find great washi tape! Thanks for the chance to win. Love your cards.

Angela Fehr

I'm hearting the doilies - I'm not into washi tape yet either.


Your cards are fabulous! I love the tape!

Margaret K

What gorgeous cards and what a great giveaway. I love washi tape!

Kim Heggins

This is just too cute! thanks for the chance to win

Carol D.

You always inspire me! Love washi tape!!


Have not tried washi tape but sure looks to be easy and fun! Would love to try it!

mary mac

Yes I do love washi tape. I checked out the website, beautiful products.

Dawn M

Your cards are so lovely! And I am loving the doilies. Now that is something I have been slow at trying, lol. Thanks for the chance to win.


Very pretty cards. love the layered tape. Thanks for the chance to win, Betsy.


Wow another source for Washi tape...and such cute colors and designs. Your cards are fabulous as usual Betsy!

Melissa (mollymoo951)

Oh my! I love your tag card!


Such CUTE cards!!! Love the washi tape! Thanks for a chance to win!
Have a GREAT day!!


I haven't tried Washi tape, but after looking at your cards, I think I better try some. Thanks for the lovely cards.


Always need more washi tape. Love the cards.


Love how you used the washi tape! And such a pretty color too!

Denise E

I'm slow getting on the wagon too, but I love the look of washi, so I'd love to win the gift card! Thanks for sharing so much of your ingenious creativity with are simply amazing. Hugs!

Susan H

Hi Betsy! I'm a silent (mostly) follower of your blog. I am a huge admirer of your cards. I too am behind in using the washi tape, but I love what you have done with it. Thanks for a chance to win the gift card towards some.


Betsy, great cards! Love the washi tape, too!


Absolutely adorable!! Yes, I've gotten on the bandwagon and own a few....And I'm finally starting to use them lol!


OMG...another great blog to check out each day. Thanx for sharing and I would love to use some of the beautiful washi tape.


Gorgeous cards. I love washi tape, I'm working on building a nice collection, LOL


I love the card

Luanne Ford

Just got my first Washi tape, but I haven't had a chance to try it out. When I get home frome vacation, I'm going to pull up your samples for inspiration! Thank you!


I love this! Washi tape is my current "go to" when I need just one extra little thing for cards and things to "pop"!

Melissa H.

She has such pretty tapes! Thanks for the giveaway!


Love seeing cards made with washi tape. I've recently started using it too and only have 4 kinds. Would love to add to my small collection!

Holly AKA KopyKaat

These are both fabulous, thanks for the chance to win

Mel H

This looks like such a fun embellishment to work with...thanks for the chance.

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