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February 12, 2012


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Kathy H

Absolute cuteness going on with that bunny, I tell you!!

Suzanne Russell

Precious, Betsy! I love the pairing of felt, fur and glitter on the two projects! Great colors and details. Makes me smile-really big! :)

jan m

Love your felt! Adds warmth and whimsy! And a darling pink frame !

Jessie McLaughlin

Oh my so cute!! Your felt bag is just adorable!! I love your glittery egg on your card as well!!


What a fun project! This little bag is adorable! :-)

Evette K. Ciampo

Found one egg on the card. ekciampo

Becky Green

ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the bunnies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND all the spring colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Toni Storie

These are just so cute! I love the fuzzy bunny ears!


So adorable!! Awesome set!!

Jennifer Scull

this is precious! and I absolutely LOVE the little felt bag! :)


Oh my goodness cuteness. Love it Betsy!

Holly Saveur

So very sweet!

Ruth G

Thanks so much for getting me started on the egg hunt! Love the felt in your projects! Just the right amount of softness! TFS!

Cheryl Lea



Love those adorable bunnies! I so want Spring, now!

Becky Green

SWEEEET CARD & little felt bag!!!!!!! WHAT A TREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

diane oliver

These Easter projects are adorable! hugs

Heather Mills

Those bunnies with the fur ears are adorable!! And I like how you altered the favor box to create a little pocket.

Marlena M

Adorable projects, Betsy! I love the felt bag.

Kelly Schirmer

I usually try not to play favorites, but this is SO my fave of the day! That little felt tote! The cute bunny cameo! Your use of that bow die, always so much fun...think I neeeed it! Awesome colors to boot. Love these, Betsy!

katy M.

Very cute and great job on hiding the egg! Missed it first time around. 1 egg


Darling treat pockets! What a cute card, too. Love those sparkling eggs! :)


so lovely!!! very nice work!

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