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August 12, 2011


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Kathy Martin

LOVE! I adore quilts and these hexagons make gorgeous quilt looking designs!


I love this, Betsy - such sweet fabrics, indeed, it does look like a quilt!

auntie em

Your quilt inspired card is adorable! I love the sweet patterned papers you used for the hexagons.
Thanks for sharing! :)




Love all the texture on your card Betsy and all the fabulous colors!

Nancy L.

i love the circles but these hexagons look pretty cute :)

Danielle Flanders

Love, love, love this card, Betsy!

Melisa Hunter

Such a pretty card! Love your idea of arranging the hexagons on the embossed white. It sure does look like a pretty soft quilt!

Maria Matter

this is such a cute idea!!! Lovely card Betsy!


This is gorgeous! Betsy, I also wanted to let you know that the cards arrived and they are stunning in person! Your work is impeccable! Thank you!

Sue D

I have a quilt like this from my grandmother--love it!

Karen Letchworth

Betsy, you're just TOO sweet. I love your style, and this card is no exception. It's a "must lift" creation. Thanks for the inspiration. You're so much fun. I also checked out the one you made for Moxie Fab - CUTENESS!!!!!!


Very fun Betsy and love the color combo!!!

Shannon Finch

This is so cute! Totally love your work you're one of the best!


Super cool card!! Love what you did with the hexagon shapes.


Love this card!

Katie B.

Wonderful card! Love your hexagon flowers, they do look almost like fabric. Wonderful layout, Thank you for sharing.

Katie B.

Susan Berkhout

Love the quilt inspired look. I sew, so definitely want to try this one. Thanks for all your great ideas!!

Helen Lebrett

Betsy, this card today is just spectacular!! I love the hexagons in the fabric looking paper, the twine, and the embossed background!! It is to die for!!


FABULOUS card! The hexagon quilt pattern on the embossed bg looks FANTASTIC! Reminds me SOOOO much of my dear, sweet Grandma's hexagon quilt squares, a couple of which I still have and treasure. :)


I loooove your card, Betsy ! It reminds me so much of my grandmother's quilts ! THanks for mentioning which Cricut cartridge you used ! I have it and am looking forward to cutting myself some hexagons !!!


Patricia G.

LOVE your cards !!!!

lisa bourget

Love this card Betsy! The embossing really made me think of a quilt - genius ;-)
I used a hexagon stamp in a few different ways this past vacation, if you want to take a look.
I love your work Betsy!

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