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June 11, 2011


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Oh, I would love to win a spot in the class!! I need some inspiration and ideas for doing new techniques. Thanks for sharing!

Wendy ten Hove

Wauw, Betsy, love this! Would love to learn more from ypu and the other amazing ladies! And with the classes being online, I could actually join you even if I'm all the way here in the Netherlands! Love your card too! Great colors and gorgeous bikes!! Thanks for the chance in winning!
Wishing you a lovely day!


I LOVE the card just awesome!

Michelle @ you are glowing

That card is amazingly patriotic!! I have already signed up for the class and I'm so excited! Would love to win-- thanks!


It would make this lady happy to be one of the lucky winners.

I love all of your projects and would like to thank you for sharing with the world.

Sara Spencer

Ooo another chance to win a spot in this class! I'll take it! This sounds like so much fun to me. I'll cross my fingers. =)


Congratulations and I can hardly wait to see all the inspiration from this class and all the designers!...I would love to win a spot in this class


I keep hearing about this class and it sounds awesome! I would love to win a spot.

Eveline van Heijst

I'm already signed up. I'm looking forward to 4 weeks of fun.
Your card is super.

Lorena (Paperella)

I'm dying to take that class!! Thanks so much for the chance to get a spot, Betsy. And the card? Well, amazing as always :D


So glad to hear that you're part of the summer card camp too!! looking forward to it!!

Pandora UK

I LOVE the card just awesome!

Lori V.

I love the idea of the summer card camp! How much fun! Glad that you are part of it!


Super duper card! Oooh, I'd love to win a spot in the summer card camp! Thanks for the offer.

Michelle le breton

Wow, this class sounds wonderful. I would so looove to win this.
I love checking out your super blog. Thank you for the lovely inspiration you always provide.


Gidday from downunder (Australia), you gotta love this card even if you aren't American. My favourites are the stitching detail and the flag on the bike.

Wendy M

I would love to go to camp this summer, too. Fabulous card... makes me want to break out the crepe paper & straws, trick out my bike & take a spin around the neighborhood.

Chris Cross

Love a great giveaway! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly B

Let's hear it for small town Iowa ... yay!! Love the card and I'm sure the class will be amazing!

Carol Meadows

I really like this cute card. Thanks for sharing! Carol M in TX/


This card is so fun & patriotic! The bicycle stamp is just the bomb.

Bev Leeson

Your Cards are Awesome. Love your Style. and WOW! What an incredible Giveaway, that would certainly bring my MoJo back.
Fingers and Toes Crossed Here.......

Sally Mesibov

That card is awesome! I must have that bike set as well! I really hope to win a spot in the card class! I love learning new things, and I need some inspiration to kick start my mojo!

Julie Cade

You inspire me with each new card you create. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing with us! Winning a spot in the card class would be wonderful!

Terri E.

This does look so interesting. I am waiting until after the 17th to order. I need to make sure I get into the PTI event and also to see if I order this month before I spend any of my crafting budget :)

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Janet B

Thanks for the chance to win.I think this would be a great class!

Megan LaBelle

This class looks fabulous!!


OMG! That card is stellar!!! I love it! And I would SOOOO love to take the camp! Thank you so much for the chance!!

Becky Green

LOVE THIS!!!! It reminds me of when our children were little & they were in the 4th of July parade!They decorated their bikes all up & they even won the contest for Best Decorated Bike!!!!!!! :)

Jennifer Scull

what an absolutely adorable card!
we have a wonderful Memorial Day parade that everyone can walk or ride in. the high school marching band leads it off with the rest of the town following behind. it is amazing! one of the things I love about living in my itty bitty town! :)
enjoy your weekend!


This case looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!! :)


Love the card you made, love the blue and the red. And hey I would love to win a spot in this amazing class.Bye Irene

Tanya Phillips

Thank you so much for a chance at a spot!! The class sounds amazing!!

Love your card, what a fun use for the bicycles! I would never have thought to use them for 4th of July. So clever, so fun!


I just love you card today, it brings back such fun memories. I would love to win a spot in the class. All of you have such fantastic ideas! Thanks for the chance to win!

Jean D

I would rrally love to do this class

Patti O

What a great idea to get the mojo going! Off to sign up now.


Love your site and your wonderful creations. Thank you for the chance to win one classes.

essenceofpaper at blogspot com


This class sounds like so muucchh fun! Your work is always so inspiring. Would love the opportunity to be part of the class.



Tricia Dee

Love your 4th of July card! Summer Card Camp sounds like so much fun!


I would really love to win!


I grew up in a town where you could ride your bike in the parade too! I typically walked with the softball team, or played in the band... Love your card!

Amy Wanford

How exciting! This card class is sounding amazing! Almost like rubbing shoulders with some of my stamping idols! Thank you so much for the chance to win!
Also loving your patriotic, summertime card too (that flag is so cute!) I love it!


This class looks amazing. I'd love to win a spot.


Love that card! I so want to be able to take part in the Summer Card Camp with all you fab ladies! Thanks for the chance.

Margie C

I LOVE all the cards you create:) This one made me smile as I remember decorating and riding my bike in the Fourth of July parade in the neighborhood as a child:) Thanks for the chance to win!


I grew up in a very little town where we regularly decorated our bikes with crepe paper and rode them in a parade! I'd totally forgotten about it. Thanks for the memory and the chance to win a spot in this great class!

Patricia G.

Beautiful card!! Love your style!!! Thanks for the chance to win a spot!!!

Ally V.

Love how patriotic your card is, such a fun feel to it! I can't wait for class to start, looks amazing!


This class looks amazing! I love your card. :)

Jennifer K

Sounds like an awesome camp! And yes, I lived in a small Iowa town not far from you where I could ride my bike in the parade-and my bike looked almost just like that stamp! :)

Tami M.

Your card is so fun! Bikes are sure popping up on a lot of stamping and scrappy things, love it! I would love to win a spot in Kristina & Jennifer's class, I know it's going to be fabulous!


I love the inspiration I get from your blog, it always makes me smile. Great job and thank you for sharing your creativity. Looking forward to this class.

Lee Anne

I'm so excited about this class! Can't wait to see all the ideas and inspiration! I would love to win the prize! Thanks!

Brenda Urbanik

I am so excited about this class, I cannot wait! So happy to hear that you are one of the guest designers! Thank you so much for a chance to win!

Flo S

The card camp sounds great. What kid (no matter how old she gets) would like to go to camp.


Thanks for opportunity! Love your work!

small t

Wow, super exciting! Thank you so much for the chance to win! :-)

Suzanne Schmidt

what an awesome giveaway, thanks for a chance to win! your card is so spirited, it makes me want to go sit on a sidewalk and wave my little flag right now! :D


thank you betsy for offering some spots in the summer card camp! doesn't that sound like fun!! thanks again


Fab giveaway. I'm off all summer. Would love this class. Fingers crossed. :) Love your adorable bicycle card. :)

Margie Visnick

Your card is beautful (as usual)! Thank you for a chance to win a spot in this class!

Caren B

Would love to participate in the class, another great card Betsy!


I love that card! I grew up in a small town also...we decorated our bikes and rode in the parade and then there was always festivities at the park! It was GREAT!


Oh, this card is fabulous! Just so amazingly creative. Love the added little sparkle to the wheels! Winning the card class would be ...PRICELESS!
Thanks for the chance and as always for the inspiration!
Happy Day!

Debra B.

I;m so looking forward to this class!

Ginny A.

I was so excited about this summer card camp and my excitement has doubled knowing you'll be a guest designer!! Love your card and thanks for the chance to win!


OH THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! To be able to win a spot would be great. I would love so much to take an online class. It is very hard for me to try and take a class at my local scrapbook store when I can't get a babysitter. My Dad is not in good health so my Mom can't always take her and MY DH works 7 days a week 12 hour days and unless he take a vacation day he can't watch our daughter.(Because trust me he would rather spend all his time with our daughter and me and can't.) HE was very happy for me to here that there will be an online class. Even though money is so tight for us right now he said go for it. He made me cry he knows how much my carft means to me and that this is my only outlet. But please don't get me worng I don't work outisde of the home so that I can be here to raise our daughter and i love it but i do need an outlet too. So this is the greaatest way for me to be able to take a class thank you for the chance. Sorry for goin going on so.

Kendall B

Winning would we fun. Your card is delightful.


I'm sooo excited about this card class. Looks like it will be great fun!!

Lynne S in TC

I completely grew up in a small town where my sisters and I decorated our "banana bikes" and rode in the parade! Super sweet card, and super sweet chance to win.

Thanks so much


So kind of you to give away some spots to the class! :> with this card class what a fun summer I am going to have!

Jenny Peterson

Love this card!!! The catwalking bike with the flag really makes it! Great work, as usual- love visiting your blog- your style blows me away girl!!


wow thats awesome! love your card btw!

Kathy Ethington

It's always exciting to try and win a prize, and this one is certainly a fabulous one..
I love your blog and your bicycle card is really true to the spirit of the 4th!!
Have a great day!


This class looks so informative and fun...thanks for the chance to win!

Mary Ann

I grew up in a small town like you talked about and now live in an even smaller town. The parade route is only a mile and everyone turns out to either be in the parade or watch it. Oh I'd give anything to win a spot in the summer class. It looks like it would be so much fun. I just love Jennifer's blog.

Gina E

Oh, I love red, white and blue!!! That is such a great card. It reminds me of when my husband and I were dating/first married and he worked for a homeowners association that had a huge neighborhood parade for the kids on the 4th of July - they did everything from bikes to floats! I always got to be a judge and I loved it!!!

I would love to take this class. Thanks for the opportunity, Betsy!!

Denisse Naranjo

I would love to win a spot on the class! i will keep my fingers crossed! yay!


That's amazing! Thank you!!

Sandi Kuhlman

LOVE the bike card! Would love to win this class!


Fingers crossed, pick me...pick me...please, pick me.

Barbara T

Hey Betsey! Hope you are having a great day.
Love your bicycle themed 4rth of July. Thank you too for the opportunity to win a spot in this event.

Angela Fehr

What a fun 4th of July card! And what a great giveaway - I'd love to be a part of the class!

Terre Munk

Yep, small town here, too. The bike card is so right! Would love to win a spot at the camp.

Maryse N

Thanks for the great giveaway! It should be an amazing class.

Lori B

Oh..I've been reading about this class. It sounds like so much fun. Thanks for the chance to win a spot!


I'm already signed up for the class, and I can't wait

Patricia Cugnod

Realy cute.. like like it!

Laura Fitzgerald

This class looks amazing, it would be awesome to win a spot!

Teresa Blue

Awesome! I would love to win a place in the class!

Charlene R

I would jump for joy if I won a spot for this card class! If I don't win, I will have to sign up as it looks so amazing. I LOVE everything you create and can't wait to see what you do for this online class! I also love your bike card! So adorable! Have a relaxing weekend!

jen shears

Super cute card!!! And what a great opportunity! Thanks for the chance!

Krista O'Connor

Hi, what cute cards! I'd love to learn to make better cards.

Emily Cossins

Can't wait to see your contribution, I know it will be awesome.

Deb Buckminster

My mom's birthday is the Fourth of July and I try to make a Patriotic card for her each year.


Thanks MUCH for sharing your talent and for the class offer ~

karen q

Very inspiring card and I can't wait for this class, it will be such fun.


Sounds like tons of FUN. Love to win a spot in the class. Thanks for the giveaway.
Love your card! The colors are perfect and the flagg looks awesome on the bicycle. :o)

Mendi Yoshikawa

Such a cute card! My kids ride their bike yearly in my Mom's small hometown parade--Would translate so well into a cute scrapbook layout too! :)

Thanks for the chance to win that incredible giveaway for a class spot! Sounds like so much fun!


Your card is awesome! Lots of fun!

Chris L.

This class looks like so much fun--can't wait to see what everyone has created! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Chris L.

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