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December 17, 2010


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Debbie Olson

Oh, Betsy, you're amazing. . . . Good thing my ten year old doesn't know you--he'd want to trade me in! ;-D

Kate aka stinkydudette

Awesome!! I would want her room too!! Lots of color!!

Ashley Cannon Newell

This is absolutely fabulous, Betsy! I love everything about this project from the colors to the design concept, it is truly amazing!

Sarah Martina

Oh my goodness this is gorgeous! You definitely get the coolest mom award this Christmas! ;) I need to show my DD this... then again, if I do, it'll be all she talks about! Love it! TFS!

Eveline van Heijst

Did somebody ever told you that you're brilliant? If not, I'm telling you now. These pillows are wonderful and thanks for showing the how-to.
Keep a little bit of the wall paper when you start taking it of the walls and keep it for old times sake.


Wow! She's just going to love her room and what you've all done. Those pillows! Fantastic! You did a great job on them and she's going to love that you made them for her. A most wonderful Christmas gift.


Betsy, that is fabulous and I promise not to tell. She is going to squeal in amazement and give you big hugs and kisses for sure! I bet she would love the pink wall behind her shelves! What a treat! You are a sweet momma...

Sandra K.

The pillows and banner are gorgeous! I'm still decorating my girls room. The base is still pink (lucky me) but want the rainbowcolors too. They are 6 and 7 and just got there new loft beds. They have lots of teaparties in their bedroom so a banner is a great idea!
Thank you for showing the how-to.


Account Deleted

Ok, I'm 29 and sort of hoping you'll surprise me with a room makeover?.....No, I'm not kidding and never growing up lol

Melissa Ladd

Wow! All of the pillows and banners are gorgeous!!! What a lucky little girl!


Oh my gosh!!! How adorable is this??? Can I be your "big" daughter!!!! I want exactly what she does...


Fabulous...can you come and do my room?


AWESOME!!!!!! Seriously awesome! I love it and so will she!


Looks wonderful...she'll love it!


I love the colours and I love the projects... Lucky little girl indeed! I definitely need more time in my life!

Sue Ann

She is going to be smiling from ear to ear when she sees all the goodies you created. It should be Paper Scissors and SuperMOM!!!!




OMG!! She is going to love it. I have a 7 year old granddaughter and they have similar taste. The peace sign pillow is the bomb.

Martha S.

GET OUT! These pillows are DARLING!!!

Lisette Gibbons

How inspiring is this. Wow! Martha Stewart watch your back, you have some serious competition. Amazing! I'm sure Potterybarn would love to sell these by the bunch.




You rock in the mother department!! Beautiful and FUN projects... should see her to at least 15 ;-)


this is absolutely wonderful! and very inspiring!

Kelly Schirmer

Oh my Mom could sew and gave me a total room makeover for my 12th birthday (also in December!. Your post made me smile...I chose a pink and purple theme at the time!!Your projects are stunning, this room is going to be so awesome! That flower pillow, WOW oh WOW! I am afraid when the Pottery Barn sunflowers I chose for my girls' nursery will be replaced by ICarly or Hannah Montana or something. For now, I just try to steer them out of the bedding aisles in the stores!!!


This is the cutest stuff I have seen in a long time. You rock! I would love to see a picture of your 7 yr. old's face when she sees her new room!

Kristin Tierney

Love it!!! my daughter will be jealous!

Carla Cavellucci Landi

Gorgeous project and amazing tips... she's one lucky girl for having you!!!


Amazingly adorable! Your daughter is going to be one happy girl this Christmas morning.


Wow so cool!! The pillows are so neat! Something new to try!


i want something like it the vibrant-full of life colors. But, i am a bit old for having them in my room :(

your daughter will be a very happy girl with her room.

Amy Johnson

Wow! Fabulous work! And thanks for explaining how to cut fabric with a Cricut!


Wow! I love this...I am always looking for new ways to use my PTI investments to do more then card making! Thanks so much for the tutorial about the interfacing...I have to get some of that! Your daughter is going to be so happy!!


Can you be my mom! I want to be 7 all over again. My daughter's room needs some amping up this is perfect inspiration. You are awesome!

mary dawn

these are gorgeous to a one! you're amazing!

Marybeth L.

Wow! Great job,thank you so much for all the tips and sharing. It's all just so beautiful,and the love that went into it. Your a good mom.
Thank you and take care.

Janet L.

What little girl wouldn't want those bright and cheery accessories? I love them and I'm sure she will, too!


Absolutely amazing!!!! I just have to make some of my own!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Luanne Ford

How bright and cheery! She will LOVE it!!

jan Metcalf

You are one creative soul!! Your daughter is luckier than she knows! Wondering what die cutting machine you use with your papertrey dies and felt/fabrics?

Kathy Martin

What a lucky little girl to have such a loving and talented mom! This is so colorful and fun!


Wow, Betsy you are an amazingly crafty little bee! This is so awesome!!

Krista Koenig

I want that room!!!

laura huffman

love it. getting some so personal is tops on my list for Christmas. she will be over the top to have a bedroom like that. amazing. just perfect. Merry Christmas


Betsy, will you come over and decorate my craft room? Oh these pillows are so beautiful. And I love the sheets too.

Cathy H.

Your daughter is going to be one excited little girl!! Love your pillows!

Diane Jaquay

Be still my heart!!!! My goodness Betsy, this is unbelievably FABULOUS!!!! And I am so jealous, I so want to re do my 9 year old tom boy's bedroom, but she wants to keep her plain blue walls, and the metal bunk bed she inherited from her big brother, sigh, I would LOVE for her to have a room like this!


Wonderful, fun, room decor, Betsy. and handmade with love-- what could be better!

Cindy Coutts

You must post pics when the bedroom is completed and now you've got me in decorating mode as I have 3 kids complaining about their "baby" rooms and they're teens! Move over Martha! Have a very Merry Christmas Betsy and thank you, as always, for your wonderful inspiration.

Scrappin' Aggie

She will LOVE it! We promise not to tell....

Eileen C

Way cute ideas! I love how you've combined papercrafting tools with sewing (my first love).

Cindy Major

Wow, those cushion are amazing!!! Love the scallops and I LOVE the fabric flowers! Your daughter is going to have the coolest room ever!


What a cute room this is going to be!


I wish you had your own TV show Betsy. Look out Martha!!

Rachel Schumacher

My daughter has that same bedding and she loves it!! It's so bright and cheery. I love those pillows you made, too, especially the flowers one! Great job - you have a lucky daughter!


FABULOUS Betsy! She is gonna LOVE it!! (I cant show my DD this post.. she will want some pillows too! LOL! Maybe after xmas she can see it! ;) )

Carol R

What a delightful project you have going! The pillows are so bright and colorful and happy! Your 7 yr. old is going to LOVE these and everything else that is planned. Just make sure to scrapbook that wallpaper with the bunnies for memories. Thank you for sharing all the tips and how-to steps. Happy Holidays!


This is AMAZING. YOU are amazing.

Rebecca Ednie

You should keep a piece of that wallpaper provided it comes off nicely and make a scrap page or mini album to use it! I agree, it's adorable! But the new stuff looks great! I love the pillow idea and while at first I couldn't believe you used raw edged fabric, I now know it is fused! Great idea!! I definitely think you need to go with a bright wall paper or paint. Maybe a pin striped pink? Just to keep it from being a boring solid colour? Or maybe paint it pink but use a glaze to make shiny striped on it. That would be awesome and not too hard with the new 'easy to remove but seals well at the edges' painters tape! I saw one called Frog tape that seemed good.

I don't comment nearly often enough but please know that you are one of my 5 top bloggers! I jump ahead to read your blog emails before anyone else's! Thanks for all the fab inspiration!!


amazing! wonderful! ceative!oh so cute! you've outdone yourself on this one. i'm sure your daughter will love everything. thanks for sharing.


a certain 7 year old is so lucky to have such a creative mama. She will be over the moon. Happy Holidays.

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

Wow! Amazing! I really need to acquire more sewing skills, because I want to be able to do this!! Just gorgeous! Your daughter is going to flip out over her new stylin' room!! Gorgeous pillows! I am so impressed!

Patti Hutchinson

OMG! My daughter will be 7 tomorrow and would LOVE this!! I'll have to keep it in mind the next time we do her room. She's going to LOVE IT!!


FINALLY someone has done a tutorial on how to use fabrics for decorating! I have tried numerous stabilizers for working with fabrics in my dies, but not much success. I so APPRECIATE you taking time to share all this information. It is wonderful! I can hardly wait to finish my Christmas card and start playing with my fabric. See, I am a quilter first, and just entered the stamping world a couple years ago. Thank you! Christmas Blessings - MAry


Cute, cute, cute! Your daughter will be delighted. What a cheerful, fun bedroom she'll have! Merry Christmas.

Judy F.

Betsy, you are unbelievable. I just love these projects. You are so clever to use your dies for such fabulous results. Thanks for the motivation to try making a pillow (after the holidays) nieces would love these....I'm thinking for a Valentine's Day extra! You're a great mom to make such special touches for your daughters rooms. I'm sure they'll love everything!!


Wonderful! So bright and cheery and happy! I can hear yhe squeals of delight from your daughter when she discovers this! :-) Now I hope my 9 1/2 years old daughter doesn't see that post or she'll ask that I make the same for her!! (she has a raimbow comforter on her bed... ;-)) Happy Holidays! :-)


She is going to LOVE this! I love the colors & the flower pillow is just over the top cute!


What happy pillows and banner for a happy room for a very happy little girl! Thanks for sharing all the pictures and steps.

see mary stamp

The true spirit of Christmas in action - finding that perfect thing that will make your daughter's heart sing! Beautiful! Thanks for the tips for sewing on fabric!

Lori Winters

LOL.... I loved your story telling.... and I agree,, bunnies being creepy.... funny how children see things!! Such an adorable story of a little girls journey to becoming a young little lady.. but hey, not to rush it!!! It looks like she will have a delightful room perfect for her age and the fact that you put all your touches on it will make it even more special. I also enjoyed the creativity and project you shared, I see new adventures in sewing in my future.


Oh my gosh, I am looking at this with my mouth hanging open. I have these dies and I need to try some of this. I think for my sewing skills I could modify this to something I could do, I am going to, these are amazing.
You have such wonderful talent. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us step by step both in pictures and words, I am sure this was time consuming to post. Boy, you have talent!

Ashley Harris

You are a genius! I am in complete awe. I cannot wait to lift these projects! Your 7 yr. old will be beyond ecstatic!!

Debbie B

Your daughter is going to love this!!!!

Debbie B

Rosemarie Diehl

LOVE LOVE LOVE your projects, Betsy!! :) So awesome! Thanks for all the creative inspiration you give us all :)


Wow, wow, wow, Betsy! Terrific job! One stunned and ecstatic 7 yr old coming up!

Tracey Kuzniak

AMAZING!!!!!!!! She is one LUCKY girl to have you as a mum!!


all i can say is would you adopt me????????? yippee kiiii yayyy, girlfriend!!

joanna schloss

WOWO! she is only lucky 7 year old to have such an amazing Mom.
Happy Surprises to her.
Your projects are simply awesome!

Marla H.

Adorable projects and thank you for sharing how to use fabric and dies!!!

nancy nelson

Oh my goodness Betsy you are amazing! Your daughter is going to be over the moon when she receives this bundle of goodness! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!


This is going to be adorable! She's a lucky girl. My GD is almost 6 (in March..but to her, she's 5 3/4 now!!) and she would flip over backwards for a room like this!!

I don't know how you find the time for this!!
I'm still finishing cards!!

Sara Roberts

These ideas are lovely, thanks for sharing them.

gina f.

i love these! Great job!!

Linda Cummings

Awesome! She will love all of it! You're a Great mom! Linda C


the colors are so pretty!


Great job ... what a lucky girl! Thanks for making me look at my own tools & supplies in a new way. ;-)


That is one lucky kiddo!

Maile Belles

Oh, Betsy! These are amazing, they look like they came straight out of the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog! Love them!

Kristin Burge

Love love LOVE it! You may actually inspire me to start sewing!!! (on something other than scrapbook pages and cards :) )
Thank you for sharing such a creative and inspiring idea!
Your daughter is very lucky - what a wonderful gift - she will always remember it!
-Kristin B.

Ale Loiacono

Gorgeous project Betsy, you are so amazing!! Thank you for this great idea and awesome tutorial! :-)

Elizabeth S.

Betsy, This is wonderful!! I am sure your daughter is going to go wild for what you have done. So inspiring. Now I have so many ideas going through my head for my grandkids.


Wonderful projects! My 7 year old is also into the rainbow thing right now ;) I'm sure your DD will love all of it!!

Monica K.

Stunning projects, Betsy! Wow, I just love how all of these new dies can be used for home decor. This looks amazing, better than anything I've seen at the store. Your daughter is going to be one very happy girl!!


What fun projects...your daughter is going to love the new look in her room!! TFS

Tami M. (tmarie)

Oh my now I want rainbow colors and polka dots in my room! I'm not sure how my hubby will feel about that though! Your daughter will be beside herself with your awesome creations and her new bedding! You are so talented Betsy, thanks for sharing all your wonderful creations with us!


Wow Betsy!! Can I be your daughter?! Those are gorgeous and she just has to love them! TFS :O)

Jerilynn Olson

I know what you mean about when the girls want to change their room. When we moved to Oregon, we built a new home. My oldest daughter and I scoured the wallpaper books and we both agreed on the paper and the borders and the furniture. Both of us were very happy and it turned out to be her dream room and the dream room I would have wanted when I was a young girl. Very Laura Ashley like. That was when she was in sixth grade. Well, about the time she was in tenth grade she decided she wanted to get rid of the wallpaper. Well, I said no because she would be leaving for college in little more than a year and I wanted her room for me when she So, I told her when she has her first solo apartment I would help her decorate that bedroom (meaning I would pay). My youngest daughter has already changed the paint in her room twice. When she was eight she wanted a "chandelier" and purple paint so right now it is bright lavender with a mini sparkly chandelier like light fixture. She is almost 17 now and wants to redecorate yet again. I'm leaving it to her....I'm too tired to repaint a room again.

I love the bright rainbow colors and your pillows are so very adorable. Your daughter should love them!

Kimmy Silvidi

Amazing! You are truly a superhero! Your little girl is going to feel like a princess when she sees what you've made for her! Your talent never ceases to amaze me, Betsy! Happy Holidays! =]


Wow ! you did a wonderful job-as cute, if not cuter than Pottery Barn. You could seriously sell those pillows--adorable!

Mendi Yoshikawa

Oh my goodness. Man, you put Pottery Barn to shame! These are fabulous--You've really inspired me to maybe do something fun and new for my girls next year when we plan to move into new rooms. Thanks so much for sharing--I thoroughly enjoyed it. You're daughter(s) are going to be tickled pink!

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