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March 26, 2010


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Becky H

Never would have thought of that! Very pretty card, love the colors.

Julie Campbell

This is SO cute! :)

Danielle Flanders

this is so awesome! you come up with the greatest ideas! i just got a cricut, but haven't even had time to hook it i definitely have to get it out! :)


Great idea and I love the use of colour!! How did you make the little flowers on top of the sentiment?


this card is incredibly beautiful!!
i love this idea,these colors....all!!

Have a good day


sweet card idea, betsy!

Colleen Kramer

You are so awesome! Oh the creative inspiration that flows through you. One question, do you use papertrey cardstock in your cricut? I love it, but sometimes it's so thick I have trouble getting a clean cut. Thanks for any technical advice :)

Mary J

Wonderful card! I love how you've done those flowers!

jen shears

I've given this challenge a go- here's my link:
I was also wondering what settings you use with PTI cardstock!! :)
Thanks for the constant inspiration!

Kim Wilson

Hi there, thank you so much for the sweet comment! Love this card!

Colleen K

That is sooo pretty! I used dogs! lol
Thank you for the challenge!


I gave it a try. Doesn't hold a candle to yours, but I'm liking it. And I sure am having fun with my Cricut!


That was fun! I hope I'm not's mine Betsy.
Thanks for the challenge!

Marisa G

Here is my card for the challenge! At least I was able to participate in a couple of the challenges. :-)

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