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October 26, 2009


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Susan Tethal

TeHe! That is so one for the scrapbook! What a doll baby. And I'm amazed what you can do with the cricut and fabric, so cute.

Shelly Greybeck

Such a cute toddler story. I work with children and get to hear stories like this almost every day, and now with a 1 year old granddaughter, I'm looking forward to these little stories.

I love the work you do...such a fresh look to papercrafting.

DeeDee Roe

So glad the ink came off. Love the hair pieces. :)


I looove this cards you made for 'Get Sketchy Betsy! These cards look so fresh!

Rachel Mackin

he he he!!!!:D It's a good job it washed off!

Your cards and hair accessories are lovely, as usual.

laura huffman

maybe she was putting on makeup. going for the permanent look. oh the days of toddlers are over for me, but we had some wonderful times. now we're on to cars, football, and figuring out what to take at university. love your blog, the hair clips are adorable. get some sleep.

stephany zerbe

Such a funny story. I have a two yr old too. He likes to pretend he is putting on makeup. I never thought he'd try using my inks. Guess I need to lock those up too. Eek. Great story and fabulous cards. Love the bright colors and mix of patterns. Your style is so refreshing. Thanks for sharing!

Sharon D

Too funny! She's a cutie! Love your projects (as always)!

Melissa Ladd

How funny! My two year old daugher and yours would be quite a pair... Your cards are beautiful-so vibrant! and those hairclips are adorable!!

Leigh Ann Baird

I'm glad it came off her eyes. That's a scary area to mess around with.

I have an ink horror story myself. We designed and built our house and not long after we moved in, my adorable 3 year old swiped 2 Stampin' Spots from my craft room. The colors were Real Red and Brocade Blue. She proceeded to smear them all over her almost naked body (including her face) and her bedroom walls, the wall in the hallway and a huge smear on my kitchen wall. I was able to get most of it off the walls but the smear in the kitchen wouldn't budge. My daughter looked like a giant bruise! LOL She didn't like getting it washed off either (I was as gentle as possible too) and hasn't touched any of my ink since without permission. The things kids do!LOL


Oh! what a cute story. I love the hairclips, they look adorable. I love all your cards and projects. Thanks for sharing!

Laurel S

Cute story! Thanks for being a GD on Get Sketchy! As for those clips I love them! Do you use a regular cutting blade for fabric or a deeper one? What setting?

Rachel S

I love your beautiful cards, as always!!


My little girl like to rub my glittered candles on her eyelids! It's all fun and games until you get a chunk of glitter in your eye!!!
Your cards are beautiful.Love the colors!


What a cute little fashionista you have! Isn't blue one of the colors of the season? She'd probably wanted to try some eye-shadow ;-)
Your cards are adorable as always and I really love your hair clips!


Awe, that is SO adorable!! Love the card and the hairclips! gorgeous!

shemaine smith

My daughter has a love for my Tim Holtz blending tool and I can't tell you how many times I clean distress inks off her too. Love your cards. Glad to have you join us at Get Sketchy!

jen shears

Toddlers! :)
Super cute cards & projects- thanks for the heat & bond clue! May have to try it!


oh my gosh what a sweet story....totally a must for scrapping....those clips are darling.....hugs

Kristin Burge

Great story - kids never stop amazing me!
The hair clips are phenomenal - and I have a couple of questions - if that's OK!
1. What did you use to attach the butterfly and apple to the ribbon covered hair clip?
2. Do you need a deep cut blade to cut fabric on heat n bond?

Thank you for your inspiration!


A few things.......
1. Your kids are AWESOME and I love reading funny little snippets about them. They should know that they put smiles on all the faces of the people who read your blog. ;)
2. I am so LOVIN'the hair clips! I must get to work right away making some for my daughter. I'm also a little stickler about having cute matching hair accessories for all of her outfits.;)
3. As always, your cards are bright, cheery, and fun. I have a question about the "Bless your nest" card. How did you get two tied knots without having two wrapped ribbons? I loooked and looked, but I can't seem to figure it out. Maybe because it's Monday. ;)

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