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October 21, 2009


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susan stringfellow

yeah, it's dark and dreary here too, your blog always brightens my day though! :) I just don't understand how you continually out-do even yourself!!! It's not fair to the rest of us who thought we were creative. LOL! All just amazing.

Hope you're doing well.

f lynn rush

thank you for the head's-up about the blog candy, but before i go i wanted to say that the burst of color you shared is wonderful. too many times we stay with the traditional colors of a season...fall brown, winter blue. i am glad to see that you threw these out there to brighten my morning.

Donna VW

I read your great interview at Moxie Fab World. Thanks for sharing. Your blog is great!

wida miller

I love the cricut too, and you make the projects look so awesome, not cheesy like some cards I have seen using the cricut! thanks so much and hope I win


Gorgeous projects! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth S.

I saw your interview at Moxie Fab. It was great knowing what gives you inspiration. Your projects are so bright and cheery. Thanks for all that you do!!!

jen shears

I loved your interview with Cath! And the cards you shared there are wonderful (as always)! :)
I can hardly even imagine the possibilities with the gypsy! *heaven*!

Sara Spencer

That was a great interview. I loved seeing the picture that inspired your card. It helps me to look at things from a different angle too. =)


so, so Pretty! I saw these on their blog and just fell in love with them! Thanks for sharing your inspiration!


Are you kidding!?!?!!? That's amazing and so generous. It's been dark & dreary here but it brighten up today


Loved your interview - I think you will have inspired lots of crafters to look around in all sorts of places and see things they missed previously, I know I will!! Many thanks and I look forward to following your inspiration.

Lisette Gibbons

Beautiful cards Betsy. I love all the little detail.

Lisa Dorsey

Love that card Betsy! I love seeing you over at Moxie Fab now. Big huge congrats my friend!

Deborah S

love your cards Betsy. Love to see what all you come up with. Thanks for sharing.


Lovely, lovely stuff, Betsy. It brought a smile to my face to see you there.


I really like your work!

Amy Sheffer

Wonderful post over at MFW, Betsy! Fantastic cards, too! You're amazing!


I really like your style, Betsy -- your color combos, your designs and the way you balance everything just so. It was great to read your interview over at Moxie Fab World -- and to see how you take -- well anything that inspires you --- and play! Makes me want to do the same =)


hello, love the colors, please pick me! smile, someone loves you!

Holly Saveur

Hi Betsy
Thank you for the interview,it was so nice to read more about you.
I love your blog .
You are the one that inspires me,I love your style,and you me make look different to things I can do....with my paper and embellisments.Thanks so much!

Sue Symens

Lots of rain for us. Thank you for the bright spot!! Have a great day.

Kathi Lang

This is my first post on your beautiful site. I peek in almost everyday - your my go to girl! Love, love, love your style!!! Today's cards make me want everything you used to create them. Most days I feel like I collect more than I create - FUN!
Thanks for sharing your time and telent.

Annette Stewart

Well your cards are just beautiful and speaking of beautiful - it is warm and clear here in sunny California. I am 7,000 elev. in the San Bernardino mountains and here we have 4 seasons. enoying fall at this time!


Love your fabulous creation! Very colorful and beautiful, of course! Simply lovely!

Bente SNow

Finally it is sunny here in Colorado after a few days of snow and wind. Not sure what happened to Fall. Love your cards and the chance to win!


Saw these cards this morning on the Moxie Fab blog (yes, I'm a little behind in my blog-reading...) and loved them. But, no surprise there -- I think I love everything you create!
We've had gorgeous weather in NC -- maybe you need to move south. There's a house for sale three down from me... :)
Have a great Thursday evening!


Betsy . .. I read your interview and I thought it was AWESOME!! You are so talented and you seem like such a wonderful person! I look forward to seeing your awesome creations!! Keep up the great work!!


Gorgeous creations, Betsy! Love your little feature on the Moxie Fab blog!


I have never been so inspired...I will definitely be visiting your site again!


Love your cards! that first one sure brightens up a rainy weekend here in Wisconsin!

Henny Wijaya

I am so excited! I love your style and have been following your blog for a few months! Of course I always love to see what you do with PTI stamps, and cricut cartridge and am looking forward to all of the inspiration you will be sharing!
Thank you for sharing your talent with us!


Thanks for the inspiration and the wonderful tutorials; I love your "funky chic" style and have enjoyed visiting your blog in the past year since you joined PTI. I'm wondering if you would mind sharing the type of sewing machine that you use - I don't know how to sew but I love the look of stitching on your cards. Any tips you can give are much appreciated. Enjoy your week!

April C.

Thanks for sending us to Moxie Fab World for a chance at the prize - fabulous interview! I enjoyed reading more about you!

I'm a frequent lurker to your blog and love your work! You have such a flair for mixing patterns and colors in fresh ways that combine a hint of vintage. (I wish I could make my bows perky like yours too, lol!) I'm not much for posting online but I just wanted to "delurk" and thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and for all the inspiration!


Wow, they're beautiful. Actually, everything is beautiful here! I just clicked over via the link on CraftGossip to your gift tags. I'm really enjoying your tutorials, I would love to link to some of them if you didn't mind.


Your cards always put a smile on my face!!! Loving the bright cheerful colors!

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