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September 03, 2009


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I really like the SU! card you made! Very pretty and feminine.


Your work always brings a smile to my face, Betsy! Beautiful stuff :)

Carol R

I love your style and the first card is my favorite. Good luck with the new school year too.


Fabulous! I love both cards! Love your style!

Marisa G

Where did you get the white die cut image from? Is that from a cartridge for a specific machine? It's very pretty. Love both of your cards!

Michelle in Boise

Hey Miss Betsy -- that Cricut thingy is pretty neat. I don't see too many people using that and always wondered what sorts of things this Cricut machine does. Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on.

Lisa Hjulberg

Hi Betsy! I can totally relate. I'm way off schedule in my blog visits, and always seem to be running behind in DT assignments and the myriad of things I want to do. And I don't have little ones anymore!

That cracks me up about your daughter... my mom used to say she couldn't even go to the bathroom without a kid or a dog following her in. I sometimes still feel that way, even though mine aren't so little anymore!

You are going to make me break out my Cricut one of these days. Sorely neglected it is...

Now, on to see what else I've missed.


Maria S.

so pretty those cards are! Thank you for sharing!

Jessica Witty

This made me laugh... I've had the same bathroom experience with my 2 year old! Ah, mommyhood.


You have such a consistent style - this is so beautiful!

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