Holiday Jumpstart!
Falling leaves and Ju-ju-flies

So what are you doing....

on World Card Making Day???  Did you know it's October 3?  A day just for us card makers.  Now that's dandy.  There's even a website devoted to this special day. You know, this little hobby we love isn't just about making cards, is it.  It's about giving a little piece of ourselves to brighten someone's's about the friends we make along the's the joy of's connecting with others who share our love of creating.  These things have become so important to me that actually having finished a card is like a little cherry on top.  A bonus.  So, really.  What ARE you doing on WCMD?  Here's a few thoughts...

  • Get together with your girlfriends and do a card swap...
  • If you don't have any papercraft-y friends near you, set up an on-line date...the WCMD site has a gallery where you can upload and share your creations...
Create some cards to donate to a charity
  • Make a batch of cards and send them out just for fun!  Who wouldn't love to get a handmade card for no reason at all? 
  • Take a class!  Expand your horizons...learn a new technique.
  • Visit your local scrapbook store.  I'm bettin' you'll find one near you that's got some fun WCMD goin's on's.  There's a list of participating stores here

    Speaking of stores, I'm excited that I get to be here at Scrapbook Your Life in Sioux City, IA teaching a card class!  We're going to have a great time!  If you're in the area, be sure to contact them to reserve your spot -- I'd love for you to join us! 

    So, after all this card making talk, how 'bout some cards?  I'm so excited to share my Papertrey September release projects with you!  I'm going to keep it short and sweet since I'm pretty wordy already tonight!  Detailed supply lists can be found in the PTI Gallery.

    Peaceful Poinsettia...




    Winter Swirls....



    Vintage Labels...



    Stocking Prints....



    One more note before I go...I've had several of you e-mail me about the inks I used on the towel from my last post.  I used Papertrey ink and it is washable.  You will want to heat set it first with your iron, but then you should be good to go.  I have also used Brilliance inks on fabric and they are very washable as well.  So, happy stamping and see you soon!