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August 27, 2009


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LOVE these cards!! Just beautiful and FUN!


These are FABULOUS--as usual!! I just **heart** everything you do girl! So glad your little one went off to school just fine! :)

jen shears

LOVE these! Congrats on the jillibean position- not much of a surprise for those of that *heart* everything you do! Glad to hear the kindegarten transition was a happy one! :) One more year before I send my little one that way- although she swears she's ready to go NOW!!! :)

Kim Moreno

Amazing stuff as usual Betsy!! So happy to be working with you again at CPS.. such a fun gig.. and I agree those girls are chatty... not us of course we are like quite church mice! ;)

Amanda McAdoo

oh so cute! i love all you do! truly one of the most talented people i've seen! love your style!


Отличные открытки! Мне нравится сочетание цветов и продуманность каждой детали. А то, как ты использовала пуговицы и ленты (которые я обожаю в работах), придаёт работам особое очарование

awesome! Very good idea with buttons and tapes!
thank you


Wow, these are so neat. Whoever gets them will appreciate them! My favorite is the one with the vintage storybook page. Great job!

Michelle in Boise

Welcome back - - and with such wonderful teacher cards. I need to make some teacher things this weekend as our first day of school is Monday. My baby girl is starting kindergarten too *sniffles* Love that little star/button/ribbon treatment too.

Rachel in Sunny Florida!

I love your BTS cards :) You inspired me to get a Cricut!!!! I left something on my blog for YOU!


Gorgeous cards, Betsy! So glad to hear your little girl is excited to go to school, even if it is a little bittersweet. Big hugs to you!

Anabelle O'Malley

Awesome cards, my friend!! Congrats on the Jillibean gig! Ryan started first grade this week (he did 1/2 day K) and I am now a working mom. Ugh. So, I feel your pain. So glad she's loving it!! (he's kind of lukewarm about it)

Ramona West

I luv all of 'em. I have made a couple teacher cards too. I homeschool so I just like to support other homeschool moms. These are just fabulous. You did a super job on them.

Lisa Hjulberg

Oh my, I love all of these cards. The colors and designs are calling my name!

I used to think potty training was the worst part about raising kids. And it was... until they started turning into teenagers. LOL!

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