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July 29, 2009


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wow your first card is so chic and stunning. And I love the papetry card to... you are such an inspiration

Amy Duff

Oh what a beautiful card you created with KIT! I love the tissue flowers using the old dress pattern.

Harriet Hensley

card is so pretty....congrats on being a PC Go to Gal....


Wonderful Cards. As always! hehe

I too have geocached with my boys - they LOVE it. We too have yet to buy a gps (which does make it 100 times easier) I usually borrow my ex's when I take the boys kuz he does it too. Loads of fun!

Tami McBeain

Love your cards, those little flowers on your first card are so cool! We've been Geocaching for a few years, it's always fun and makes for a great family day!


our family loves caching. we live in the Uk and my husband is up to 900 finds. we even did it on holiday in the USA and Spain. Its the best fun, cheap and even better when there are things for the children to take in the boxes :)

Lisa Dorsey

We have a friend of ours that goes geocaching. We really need to give it a try. Love your cards as usual my dear!

Michelle in Boise

My husband and kids are BIGTIME Geocachers - LOL I think it's the goofiest nerdiest hobby - but they love it...that's when I get most of my papercrafting done ;) I went a couple of times but I just don't have the patience. He even plots on the GPS where caches are in all the cities we pass through and go to on vacation.

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