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March 27, 2009


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Mary C

The girls will be so cute in those beautiful dresses on Easter Sunday. Relly like the cards too. One of these days I will give in and buy the big Cricut and give away my baby. Again thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing these great projects - my brand new Cricut Expression was just delivered by the nice FedEx man! I can't wait to set it up and start cutting! I'm expecially happy about being able to cut larger bags/boxes/cards. Now I have to decide what to do with my original Cricut as it still works like a charm. Hmmm...keep it as a back up or sell it to someone who hasn't known the joy of owning a Cricut?


That gift bag is beautiful and definitely not only to used for Christmas! I love your girls' Easter dresses! Where are they from? Happy Friday!


Beautiful Easter dress -- and, WOW! -- those Cricut projects. The card is so cute and the gift bag is just beautiful! I can see that I'm going to have to own a Cricut someday!


Beautiful creations! Love the little gift bag and the card is darling! And what an adorable Easter dress! I must confess, I'm 29 but still have to have a special dress for Easter! Hubby thinks I need to grow up (nah!).


I love the creations and the dress. Soooo cute. Girls look so cute on Easter. You are going to make me cave in and upgrade to the expression I just feel it.


Love your springy creations! The bag is darling! All of your details are so special. Love the girl's dresses. You were fortunate to find such fresh and traditional dresses. I would love to have a Cricut!


What a pretty project! I love the dresses too - where are they from? They re so sweet!I love the flowers -
Sara :)


love that little bag--really need to get that cart!! Enjoy the cleaning--that's what were up to around here!!

susan stringfellow

Beautiful cards - you are so good. Oh and by the way, I am ordering a Cricut. I can't wait

Jaime Seiter

That little white dress is just so perfect! Where did you find it!?!?! I need to get it for the little girl I nanny for!

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