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August 03, 2008


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Sweet 'lil house and **love** your is simply spectacular!!!

Kim Hutchinson

WOW this is just gorgeous! That little house is great! I would not mine living in it! All the elements in your pages make them so special!

Summer Fullerton

That house is simply adorable I would have wanted to move in too. Your layout details amaze me I can't wait to see the rest of your projects. xo xo xo


Can I move in, too? Is there room for all of us?



Yes! Finally found your blog. I think you make the most lovely things. I love all your details and your colourchoice. Be back soon!



Beautiful layout, Betsy! Love the photo of your kids in front of the green door. What a lovely little cottage! Can't wait to see the rest of your projects!


Oh my goodness- those peeks are SO sweet! What ARE those little stones?! MUST HAVE.

Sherry Wright

That little house and the lo you made with your photos are amazing. They just pop with the color. Can't wait to see more of your sneaks.. looks awesome. Hope you're having a great week. :0)


What a beautiful little house and your layout is STUNNING!!! Wow! I just love stopping by and seeing your beautiful creations! You are really so inspiring to me.


you create such beautiful things, thanks for sharing it's a lot of fun and inspiring to visit your Blog ! The house is lovely indeed!


you create such beautiful things, thanks for sharing it's a lot of fun and inspiring to visit your Blog ! The house is lovely indeed!

Nancy van den Berg

Such a fun page with so many yummie details! WOW! That little green house is adorable!!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Oh my goodness Betsy! That cottage is adorable!! And I love that layout you made with the kids in front of the, so cute!

José Edward Guedes

Casa muito linda.


Awesome!! That is McCrory Gardens in Brookings SD!! I used to work at that garden!


OOH! I know that little house! I take pictures there all the time! So cool to see a little bit of South Dakota pop up on Pinterest!!

Jodi Spilde

Brookings, SD! Would recognize anywhere! :)

María Teresa  gardeazabal


e this little house. Thank you


Love your scrapbook page! Want that little green house!

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